Rated 4.9/5 by 1000s of happy customers

"No more mess! The magic litter mat catches litter like a champ!" 

Need a better litter mat? If you're STILL sweeping up spilled litter or noticing it's getting tracked all over the house, the magic litter mat is for you! 

Traps 90% more litter than your typical litter mat 

Double layer design allows you to trap and re-use litter

100% water and urine proof

Gentle on paws

Currently available! Low stock!

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Ships next business day!



"It does the trick! We switched to the magic mat and never looked back!"


You have to sweep or vacuum the area in front of the litter box 3-4 times a week.

You notice litter gets tracked all over the house.

You have litter stuck to your feet.

Litter area smells like urine


Large honeycomb design traps 90% more litter than regular litter mats - no more sweeping! 

Just pickup the mat and all the litter falls through and then dump it back in the box

Ingenius "honeycomb" design traps 90% more litter! 

Plus, the bottom layer is completely waterproof and slip-resistant!

Want to deep clean the mat? Easy.

Our mats and tough. durable and washable. Just hose is down and let it dry.

Durable and long lasting



Soft on paws

Works with every type of litter!

Whether you use bentonite litter, Tofu litter, Mineral litter or even PrettyLitter's crystal litter.. This mat will catch it! 

Rated 4.9/5 by 1000s of happy customers

More magic mats = less mess! 

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1 x Magic Litter Mat

1 x Large 18" x 24" inch mat (46cm x 60cm)

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2 x Magic Litter Mats

2 x Large 18" x 24" inch mat (46cm x 60cm)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Total = $69.98 


SAVE $45

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3 x Magic Litter Mats

3 x Large 18" x 24" inch mat (46cm x 60cm)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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$29.99 each

Total = $89.98 

What our customers say

I purchased two of these mats to go underneath my cat’s litter box. They are designed exactly as I had pictured in my mind. My cat had a habit of getting litter all over the floor but now it gets trapped in the holes on the mats cutting down on cleanup tremendously. I am very satisfied with the overall look,functionality and price. Thanks for a great product!

James S.


This mat captures nearly all the litter and is easy to empty. It's true that the cubby forces them to walk over the mat when they leave. But I've used a different, larger mat before that didn't work as well. It's a great mat for a great price, and it has saved us a big mess on floors and furniture.

Conrad F.


I've had this litter mat for about a month now and it has just been the best! I barely have any litter on the floor anymore, you can even see the littler on it right now LOL. My cat has peed on it a couple times, and its so easy to clean. I just rince it off in the shower, let it dry and it is good as new!I Even my little KiKi agrees 😍I definitely recommend!

Charnie A.


How does the Magic Litter Mat compare?

Innovative double layer design

100% waterproof

BPA and phthalate-free

Slip resistant base

Extra soft for cat paws

Magic Litter Mat 

Regular cat bowl


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