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6 reasons why 1,000s of cat owners are switching to the PurrBowl 

This orthopedic cat feeder is quickly becoming the "must-have" cat product of 2022. Here's why.

February 20, 2022

1. It improves digestion

Ground level feeding  can cause poor feeding hygiene, stomach discomfort, and "shovel-eating".

By raising the bowl slightly, it allows your kitty to eat in more natural position. This leverages gravity to get food to her stomach - making feeding more comfortable and reducing post-meal vomiting

2. It reduces neck strain

As you probably know, neck strain and joint pain are extremely common issues as cats get older.

An elevated bowl like the PurrBowl reduces unnecessary stress on your cat’s joints. 

This allow her to access her food faster and feed more comfortably.

3. It's great for senior cats

From around the age of seven, you may have notice that your older cat starts taking life a bit easier!

As cats get older, they tend to eat less. They can’t bend their body as much as they used to. And they don’t get enough nutrients.

The PurrBowl provides that extra support to keep your cat comfortable and able to easily access her food.

4. It's perfectly shaped for flat-faced cats 

Flat-faced cats like Persian cats often find it difficult to reach their food due to their.. flat-faces.. 

The PurrBowl is tilted forward 15 degrees, making it easier for her to reach her food. 

It's also curved inside and has no inside corners where food tends to get stuck.

5. It's also stylish and super cute! 

Cat owners love the cat-shaped ears on the bowls! It looks great in any room - and they pop off easily making them portable and very easy to clean! 

6. It's got thousands of raving fans!

The PurrBowl went absolutely VIRAL on social media this year. Customers around the world are raving about how it stopped their cat's from vomiting and how it's made feeding much more comfortable for their cats. 


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 Cat owners are raving on social media 😻

testimonial image

He hasn't vomited even ONE time since using this feeder!

"We have a cat that would get sick and vomit literally everything he ate. We changed food, limited the quantity he could have a one time and he was still vomiting EVERYTIME.

 My cat hasn't vomited one time since we started using this feeder. That's been about 2 months give or take. Thank you so much!" - Josh E.

I wish I had bought this years ago!

"I was nervous to buy this as my cat is 10 years old and has always used a "regular" food bowl. I placed this food bowl next to her old bowl so she could "feel it out". Immediately, she wanted to eat out of this bowl and not her old one. I have not heard her stomach gurgle, or her gag since using this product. I wish I had bought this years ago!" - Mary B.

Persian cat loves it!

"Bought this for my Persian cat and it is amazing. We had been using a regular cat food bowl, but this makes eating much easier for her (with the shape of the Persian cat face). Highly recommend." - Natalie H.


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