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Here’s how I got my cat to stop vomiting in less than 2 weeks.. without using any supplements or diet changes.

With over 35,000 happy customers, what is it about this orthopedic feeder that has cat parents celebrating?

  • "My cat was a vomit-comet. I wish I found out about this years ago!" - Mary E.

February 7, 2022

"Not again.."

My cat Bella had vomited all over our carpets for the 3rd time this week... 

At this point, she was vomiting every second day... 

I felt so bad for her. We've had Bella for 7 years now..  And she was getting older. I was getting really concerned.

Would vomiting so much will wear at her stomach lining and teeth?

The simple but effective solution

I was complaining to my sister one day when she mentioned she used to have the same problem with her cat. She called it the “scarf n barf”.. You know.. when they inhale their food.. Then barf it out after they finish their meal. ‍

She said the simple, NATURAL, solution was this orthopedic cat feeder by PurrHeaven. 

How does it work, you ask? It's all about posture.

And by changing their posture, we change how they eat. 

Why does it work so well? 

 When cat’s eat from ground level, they are literally straining to eat their food. They are fighting against gravity when feeding, making it more difficult to swallow. They're often also swallowing too much air. This leads to regurgitation and digestive issues. 

By allowing your cat to eat in a more comfortable, upright position, the PurrBowl makes it easier for cats to swallow their food. This makes digestion more efficient, and reduces vomiting. 

On top of that, it was harder for bugs and of course, hairballs, from getting into her food.. DUH!! ‍

Orthopedic feeders are especially recommended for senior cats

As cats get old it gets more difficult for them to bend down to eat. Many cats  the PurrBowl allows our cat to eat in a more comfortable position, reducing the strain on their joints and making mealtime a less painful experience.

It made a lot of sense. But was still skeptical of how much of an impact it would make.. 

I asked my cousin.. “Did it REALLY stop your cat from vomiting?” 

Here's what she said:

So I decided to give this orthopedic feeder a shot.. 

Here's what happened..

1. Less vomiting. My cat was vomiting 2 to 3 times a week before. She almost never vomits anymore. 

2. She’s not eating as fast. She used to literally inhale her food (and regurgitate it later)

3. She’s has better hygiene! She doesn’t paw the food around like she did before!

4. She's more comfortable when feeding. I think this is the best part! (Other than the reduce vomiting of course!)

I believe in it. And I’ve been telling all my friends about it.

Can we not make life a little easier and comfortable for a feline friends? 

One of the most common comments I often hear from people is the "well cats in the wild aren't eating from elevated bowls.."  

To this I say.. why would I want my cat live like she would in the wild? 

Cats in the wild live only live to be 2-5 years..

Compare that to an average lifespan 10-20 years for our indoor cats.

When it comes to keeping our kitties healthy, happy, and vomit-free, we'll take all the modern conveniences we can get!

UPDATE: 3 months later.. Do I still recommend the PurrBowl?

Absolutely. It’s absolutely INSANE how a such as small change in feeding posture had on my cat’s health.

Now to be fair.. my cat still vomits on occasion but I can definitely report that the frequency of vomiting has been reduced by at least 90%! 

How to order a PurrBowl Orthopedic Feeder

The PurrBowl Orthopedic Feeder is not available in stores and can only be found online through the Purr Heaven website. To secure your discount and order your PurrBowl, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the official Purr Heaven store here to place your order

2. Watch your cat feed in comfort during EVERY meal! 


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This product is NOT available in stores..

Everyone going CRAZY over the PurrBowl!

Cat lovers everywhere are grabbing the PurrBowl for their cats. Most of us are hearing about it from friends or seeing it on social media!

I asked my vet about it and even he knew about it! 

Purr Heaven is the original creator of the PurrBowl Orthopedic feeder - and word about their terrific product is spreading like wildfire. I strongly suggest ordering now, before supplies completely sell out again.

 👉 Apply discount & check availability!  

Here's what satisfied customers had to say..

Don't just take it from us..

"I was nervous to buy this as my cat is 10 years old and has always used a "regular" food bowl. I placed this food bowl next to her old bowl so she could "feel it out". Immediately, she wanted to eat out of this bowl and not her old one. I have not heard her stomach gurgle, or her gag since using this feeder. I wish I had bought this years ago!" - Mary B.

"We have a cat that would get sick and vomit literally everything he ate. We changed food, limited the quantity he could have a one time and he was still vomiting EVERYTIME. My cat hasn't vomited one time since we started using this feeder. That's been about 2 months give or take. Thank you so much!" - Josh E.

Received my cat bowls and I do love them. I have 4 cats in which all unfortunately vomit daily due to eating quickly. These bowls help to regulate that and we are currently on day 5 with no vomiting. Easy to handle easy to wash I am impressed. First set arrived unfortunately broken contacted customer service and they were top notch on how they handled the situation. Not only did they replace my bowls but reached out to me to make sure all was fine. They didn't even require me to send the broken bowls back (which saved me an inconvenience). They most definitely have a returning customer with me. - Desi P

I have a 17 (soon to be 18) year old indoor cat and he has some digestive issues due to his old age. He has been vomitting more frequently lately and I wanted to do whatever I could to make him more comfortable. I did WEEKS of research and decided on this bowl. - Layla D.

For most of her life with our family cat had to use the Dollar store dishes when it came to her food. It was easier to toss the dishes away. When recently we had heard she returned to puking up her wet food we gotten concerned. According to the vet it wasn’t any Health issues - but I knew something had to change. So I purchased this product and since then she races to her food and no more vomit issues with her food. Highly recommend. - Ann M. 

Our Triple Seal Of Approval

Put simply, the PurrBowl Orthopedic Feeder passes my triple seal of approval when looking for great cat products! It's.. 

1. Trusted by veterinarians 

2. Loved by cat parents!

3. Proven by thousands of healthy cats (over 35,000+ and counting)

PurrHeaven wants to nudge you off the fence by giving you 40% OFF your PurrBowl Orthopedic Feeder. Click the link below to get it while supplies last!


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