Should You Get Your Cat a Water Fountain?

Should You Get Your Cat a Water Fountain?

Most cats, particularly those fed a predominantly dry diet such as kibble, do not drink enough water.

If your pet isn't having enough moisture in their diet, they'll need to drink a lot of water during the day to make up for it.

Here's how a water fountain can help! 

1. Most cats don't drinking from stagnant, still water sources.

How you noticed how your cat will tap the water in their bowl with their paw before drinking it? That's because she probably doesn't like drinking out of still water.

If your cat has ever attempted to drink from the tap or, worse still, the toilet, a water fountain is likely to be preferred over a typical bowl.

2. A fountain can catch debris and dirt from building in the water

Our PurrHydration fountain contains a carbon filter which can eliminate impurities from our tap water. Carbon cleans the water and improves the taste and scent, incentivizing your pet to drink more..

Standing water provides the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. Keep your pet's water flowing to avoid bacteria and fungus build-up and keep it clean and dry.

3. A fountain holds more water

This one is a benefit to both you and your cat. A fountain like ours will hold more water. This minimizes the frequency at which you need to refill the dish and ensures your pet always has new, clean water.

The top rated water fountain for cats! 

At PurrHeaven, our favorite water fountain for cats is the PurrHydration Water Fountain.

We love it for many reasons, including:

  • Large 2.5L capacity ensures your cat is never out of water when you're away
  • LED light and water level window, indicate when the water is low
  • Operates silently, with the relaxing sound of flowing water!

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