PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder
PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder

"Been using the bowls for over a week now and my cats haven't puked once yet from eating." - Tyca B.

   Trusted by 35,174+ happy cats!

PurrBowl™ Steel Cat Feeder

Our vet-recommended elevated feeders, in high quality stainless steel. The cat feeder of choice for cat's sensitive to plastic or ceramic bowls.

  • Built from high quality stainless steel,  the safest material for cat feeders
  • Reduces vomiting  and acid reflux
  • Tilted and elevated  to provide extra comfort while feeding
  • Reduce neck strain  and arthritis
  • Veterinarian-recommended  for senior cats 


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Recommended by Cat Experts

Yep. Veterinarians love recommending our stainless steel, elevated bowls! 

Why stainless steel?

Safe for ALL cats 

Stainless steel is the safest material for cat feeders - even for the most sensitive of cats. Vets love recommending them for cats that get "cat-acne".


Frequently used in medical equipment and in cooking because of its antibacterial qualities. Unlike ceramic bowls, steel is non-porous so no bacteria can fester on it's surface.  

Durable & long-lasting

Let's be real, our cats will knock this feeder around a few times. Stainless steel is durable, long-lasting and hard to scratch - making it the perfect material for a cat bowl. 

Easy to clean 

Our bowls are detachable and easily snap out the the base. They're also safe for any dishwasher - making them extra easy to clean! 

 Cat's like eating from elevated feeders. It's better for their health too!

A "must-have" for senior cats and cats with sensitive stomachs!

Ground level feeding can cause poor feeding hygiene, stomach discomfort, and "shovel-eating".

Look at how much more the left cat needs to strain her neck compared to the right one. 

Our PurrBowls™ are tilted and elevated so your cat can eat in the most ergonomic feeding position for their bodies.

 6 reasons why veterinarians love elevated feeders!

1. Improve digestion
& reduce vomiting

2. Reduce neck strain
& joint pain

3. Improve comfort
when feeding

4. Prevent bugs from
crawling into feeder

5. Reduce whisker fatigue

arthritis pain
in elderly cats

How does  PurrBowl Steel compare?

How does the PurrBowl steel compare?

Cat owners are raving! 😻

testimonial image

Since switching to this dish from @purrheaven, my one cat with stomach issues has not had any problems. I highly recommend it! 😍

Lisa B. (California)

testimonial image

Just got these beautiful steel bowls from @purrheaven. Great design, especially for avoiding whisker fatigue! 

Anna F. (New Jersey)

testimonial image

Perfect for my two elderly cats. They sure like eating out of them! 😻

Victoria B. (Arkansas)

testimonial image

Seriously recommend this for any cat owners who have kitties with sensitive tummies! 

Steve R. (Utah)

testimonial image

My cats absolutely love this bowl from @purrheaven. They are very clearly not craning their necks now which is great! 

Lisa B. (Florida)

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Get the #1 recommended cat feeder for your cat's health!

✔ Reduces post-meal vomiting and acid reflux
✔ Tilted and elevated to provide extra comfort while feeding
✔ Protects against neck strain 
✔ Built with stainless steel - the safest material for cats!

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