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Reduces post-meal vomiting and acid reflux

Tilted and elevated for extra comfort during feeding

Protects senior cats against neck strain


Join our growing litter of  35,000+ happy cats

 Improve your cat's health by changing the way they eat 

"My cats used to throw up almost daily, and since changing to these bowls, they have not gotten sick AT ALL.” - Lindsay H.

PurrBowl Orthopedic Feeder

The "Original" Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder. 

Meet the cat bowl that has changed the game for over 20,000+ cats around the world


PurrBowl  Steel 

For years, our customers have asked us to create a steel version of our popular PurrBowls. 

Got a cat that's sensitive to plastic? Stainless steel is 100% safe in all cats! 


PurrBowl Accessories

Everything you need to create the ultimate feeding station for your cat!  


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We've helped over 35,000+ happy cats!

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PurrHydration Water Fountain

Does your cat drink enough water? Learn how this fountain will help your cat stay hydrated and healthy! 

It's the cleanest water your cat will ever drink. And yes, she'll be drinking lots of it!


LitterTrapper Double Layer Mat

Does your cat make a mess around her litter box? Of course she does..

Say goodbye to litter mess with this  innovative litter mat. Trap 90% more litter. And recycle it instead!  


PurrBall Anti-Anxiety Scratcher

Keep your cat from scratching your furniture! 

PurrBall is a scratcher that’s guaranteed to grab your cat's attention. A toy and a scratcher, it will keep your cat entertained for hours!