⚡ FLASH SALE ⚡ Get FREE plushie + FREE shipping before it's too late!

⚡ FLASH SALE ⚡ Get FREE plushie + FREE shipping before it's too late!

"My typically anxious cat... LOVES THIS! The plush material and cozy design make it the perfect spot for her to relax and unwind. Plus, it’s a RAMEN NOODLE CUP.. How cute is that?” - Jen V.

Rated 4.7/5 stars by 100s of happy customers

Ramen Noodle Cat Bed

Want your cat to have the coolest bed on the block? The Ramen Noodle Cat Bed is the viral sensation that'll have your cat purring in comfort!

Soft plush material and heightened walls instantly calms anxious cats

Extra spacious at 20 x 8 inches (large enough for a 20lb cat!)

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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"This adorable cat bed is the viral sensation that's just too cute to resist!"

So warm & cozy... the Ramen Noodle Cat Bed helps soothe your cat's anxious soul!

With it's ultra-soft plush and tall walls, this bed creates a sense of security that even the most finicky cats won't be able to resist.

"A ramen cup cat bed? I'm done... It's so soft I want a human-sized one for myself!" 

Cats have a natural inclination to seek out small, enclosed spaces to relax and hide in. Your cat will love the feeling of being tucked away, hidden from view!

Big enough for all your furry companions to snuggle up together!

Whether your cat is a solo sleeper or loves to cuddle up with their furry siblings, the Ramen Noodle Cat Bed is the perfect addition to your home!

Cats are obsessed!

My cat is in love!

"My cat is in love with this bed! She spends hours napping in it and it's just too cute to handle. Highly recommend for all cat parents out there!"    

- Steph M.

Perfect for the wintertime

"My kitty is so picky about his beds, but he LOVES this one! He snuggles up in it and looks like a little noodle himself. Its thick walls are perfect for the wintertime"  

- Cindy C.

Amazing for cats with anxiety

"This bed is amazing for cats with anxiety! It's like a little cocoon that provides a sense of security and comfort. My cat loves it and seems so much happier."  

- Jamie K.


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