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If You Want To Keep Your Cat Vomit-Free in 2024, This Vet-Approved Orthopedic Feeder Is A Must. Here's Why.

With over 50,000+ happy customers, what is it about this feeder that has cat owners raving?

Note: After reading, you'll probably never go back to using a ground level feeder for your cat

There are very few cat products that have generated as much hype as the PurrBowl orthopedic feeder. Having been sold out multiple times in 2023 with troves of 5-star reviews flying in.. what is it that makes them so life-changing for so many cats? 

A simple change that could change your cat's life.. 

The secret is really quite simple.. 

It changes your cat’s feeding posture to make mealtimes more comfortable.

And when your cat is more comfortable and eating at a natural pace and posture.. they’re much less likely to regurgitate and vomit.

The problem is.. most cats still eat from ground level. With poor feeding posture.

 And that hunched-over posture often leads to neck strain, eating too fast, and “shovel-eating”. This results in the dreaded regurgitation and vomiting you might sometimes see after meals.


Your cat is straining their neck during mealtimes

They're "shovel-eating" 

Bugs & hairballs are getting into their food

Frequent vomiting after meals

Discomfort for senior cats 

The Solution

Tilted and elevated for optimal feeding posture

This reduces neck strain and reduces vomiting

Feeding station becomes more hygienic

Your cat is visibly more comfortable during mealtime

Now you might be thinking.. wild cats aren’t exactly tilting and elevating their food for optimal feeding posture every time they eat, right?

Well, modern indoor cats aren’t wild cats, which have a short lifespan of less than 5 years. The average indoor cat is living for 13 to 20 years today!  

Our indoor cats are living far longer than their wildcat counterparts ever did. 

And as our indoor cats get older.. they usually will start to experience strain on their neck and esophagus every time they bend down to eat. 

With thousands of 5 star reviews, what is it about this cat feeder that has cat parents raving? 

Who would have thought that a cat feeder would get hailed as "life-changing" for cats in 2024?  

PurrHeaven's PurrBowl orthopedic cat feeder launched in 2019 and immediately started making waves on social media and in communities around the world. 

It's original anti-vomiting cat feeder that veterinarians are now recommending to their clients. Now, it's one of the highest-rated cat feeder companies with thousands of 5 star reviews. 

The PurrBowl Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder ensures the most comfortable feeding posture for your cat.

Designed by cat experts, the PurrBowl is tilted and elevated for optimal feeding posture.

By providing your cat with a comfortable and healthy feeding solution, you're solving for costly health issues down the line. Investing in a PurrBowl orthopedic feeder is an investment in your cat's long-term health and happiness.

Eliminate vomiting and regurgitation.. for good!

Thousands of cat owners have experienced a significant reduction in post-meal vomiting after switching to this bowl!
Ground level feeding strains your cat's esophagus, making digestion harder. The PurrBowl supports your cat's feeding posture for effortless digestion and vomit-free meals.

It's called the "anti-vomiting" cat feeder on social media for a reason.  

Reduce neck strain and arthritis.. Especially for senior cats!

As you probably know, neck strain and joint pain are extremely common issues as cats get older. As cats get older, they can’t bend their body as much as they used to, which may mean they eat less.

Get the PurrBowl today if you have a senior cat!

No more mess! A must-have for messy eaters!

Are you tired of the mealtime mess? The PurrBowl minimizes spills and splashes, keeping food where it belongs—inside the bowl. Say goodbye to cleaning up after every meal and hello to a cleaner, tidier feeding experience for your cat!

Your cat will thank you within days of starting this new cat feeder - just like Milo! 

And Milo's isn't alone either.. There are countless examples on social media and on PurrHeaven's website of cats who've stopped vomiting almost immediately after switching to the PurrBowl orthopedic feeder.


The PurrBowl Orthopedic Cat Feeder has been a massive hit in the cat community, changing the lives of countless cats globally!

In light of these incredible results, it's important to note that the PurrBowl cat feeder isn't a magic bullet to solve every single case of vomiting. Sometimes persistent vomiting is due to an underlying health issue, and it's always a good idea to see a vet to check for any red flags. 

With that being said, if you're looking to create the ideal feeding environment for your cat that will support them as they grow older, this orthopedic feeder is a must! 

All cats love this feeder!

"We have a cat that would get sick and vomit literally every time he ate. We changed food, limited the quantity he could have a one time and he was still vomiting EVERYTIME. My cat hasn't vomited one time since we started using this feeder. That's been about 2 months give or take. Thank you so much!"

Mary B.

Verified Buyer

I have a 17 (soon to be 18) year old indoor cat and he has some digestive issues due to his old age. He has been vomitting more frequently lately and I wanted to do whatever I could to make him more comfortable. So I purchased this product and since then she races to her food and no more vomit issues with her food. Highly recommend.

Layla D.

Verified Buyer

My cat is a messy eater and his scraps would just go all over the place with his original bowls which aren't elevated.. This product helped me make cleaning time easier

Jules G.

Verified Buyer

"I was nervous to buy this as my cat is 10 years old and has always used a "regular" food bowl. I placed this food bowl next to her old bowl so she could "feel it out". Immediately, she wanted to eat out of this bowl and not her old one. I have not heard her stomach gurgle, or her gag since using this feeder. I wish I had bought this years ago!

Amy S.

Verified Buyer

i had regular bowls on the floor and my cat would constantly make a mess all around the floor and on the mat. I would constantly be picking food out of the carpet. I switched this over to these bowls and (knock on wood) we are no longer spilling and making a mess. Love them!

Jennie H.

Verified Buyer

I have a elderly cat that gets cat food all over and this keeps the food so much more contained!

Sara M.

Verified Buyer

Where can you buy the PurrBowl Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder?

The only place you can buy the PurrBowl orthopedic feeder is on their website: 

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When you order today, you'll also benefit from PurrHeaven's 30-Day "Cat Satisfaction" Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund! Yes, that's even if your cat has already used the feeder!

Incredible Value: A One time purchase that will last your cat's life!

Investing in a PurrBowl orthopedic feeder is an one time investment in your cat's long-term health and happiness. It's an incredibly inexpensive purchase that could save you hundreds in future vet bills and costly health issues down the line.

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