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Advanced Calming Pheromones 

Stress and anxiety is the root cause behind destructive behaviors like urine marking, scratching and aggression. Instantly reduce your cat's stress and anxiety with our science-backed pheromone solution. 

Reduce urine marking outside the litter box. 

Reduce furniture scratching and anxious behaviors like hiding

Reduce aggression and bullying. Improve harmony in multi-cat homes.

A scent only cats can smell! 100% odorless and safe for humans. 

Each Diffuser Kit comes with: 1 diffuser plug that provides 700 square ft of calming coverage + 1 refill bottle that provides 30 days of continuous pheromone release

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An instant "off-switch" for your cat's anxiety. Eliminate destructive behaviors FAST!

Destructive behaviors like urine marking, furniture scratching and aggression are usually signs that you have a stressed or anxious cat.

Advanced Calming Pheromones are proven to reduce these behaviors by targeting the issue at the source - their anxiety!

What Customers Said After Using Advanced Calming Pheromones For 30 days

We asked 1000 customers about their experience with our pheromone solution. Here are their results:

Reduced Urine Marking

93% of customers reported a reduction in urine spraying outside the litter box.

Improved Calm
& Harmony

96% reported their cats were more calm after 30 days of use

Reduced furniture scratching

89% of customers reported reductions in furniture scratching.