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Upgrade your cat’s feeding station with our #1 vet-recommended orthopedic feeder!


"My cat is a vomit comet and inhales food only to regurgitate it moments later. Here's the deal - if your cat barfs because of air/backflow issues, you NEED to get this bowl!"

Amy G

"My poor cat normally throws up two to three times a day without fail after eating. It's been 4 days so far and she has not thrown up since!"

Alison F.

"I absolutely love these bowls. They're so cute and functional! My cat looks so much more comfortable when she eats!"

Naomi S.

Our Legendary Orthopedic Cat Feeders


The "Original"  PurrBowl Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder

Reduce neck strain, improve digestion, maximize feeding comfort!


PurrBowl Steel Edition

Made of antibacterial stainless steel. Purrrfect for cats sensitive to plastic!


PurrBowl Bamboo Edition (4 heights)

Provide the best feeding experience at every stage of your cat's life.

from $69.99

Cat Caves & Beds


The "Donut" Cat Cave

This exciting cat cave is on every cat lover's 2023 wishlist!


Ultra Soft Calming Nest

The softest cat bed ever! Perfect for anxious cats!


Ramen Noodle Cat Bed

Want your cat to have the coolest bed on the block? Check this out!

from $49.99

New Arrivals


The Orb Scratcher

This scratcher doubles as both a scratcher and a stimulating toy for your cat!

from $49.99


Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy

Stimulate your cat's natural instincts with this interactive bird simulator!


The Magic Litter Mat

Need a better litter mat? This dual-layer litter mat is for you!

Fountains & Accessories


The PurrHydration Water Fountain

Level-up with tools to make hydrating infusions, dressings, dips, and more.


PurrHydration Replacement Filters

Triple Action Filters for your fountain!

from $14.99

PurrBowl Spare Bowl

Stimulate your cat's natural instincts with this interactive bird simulator!

Vets recommend the PurrBowl Orthopedic Feeder

Learn why over 50,000+ cat owners across America have ditched their ground level bowls for this vet-recommended cat feeder.

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